Can I Keep My Website And Use Kajabi?

Are you considering building a course or membership site in Kajabi but aren’t sure whether you also need to migrate your full website? To that query, the quick response is no. It is entirely feasible to maintain your current website and utilize Kajabi for your courses, coaching, or memberships.

Similarly, Can I use Kajabi if I already have a website?

Connect your current website to your new Kajabi Pages using a link if you want to keep your third-party website alive while using the many other Kajabi features. This enables your site visitors to go easily from your third-party homepage to the Kajabi landing pages.

Also, it is asked, How can I transfer my website to Kajabi?

How to Move WordPress Blog Posts to Kajabi in 4 Simple Steps. Redirect them to your Kajabi site in step one. Review your WordPress data in Step 2. Step 3: Delete or draft the document. Step 4: In Kajabi, create new posts.

Secondly, Can I transfer my Wix website to Kajabi?

Yes. You may establish a custom domain using Kajabi’s branding with the Basic Plan (

Also, Why You Should Use Kajabi?

The evaluations feature in Kajabi allows you to gather information from prospective clients. You may split them depending on their answers if you want to determine whether they are already a coach or just getting started. You may then send your emails to select lists from there.

People also ask, Can I have 2 websites on Kajabi?

The Pro Plan enables you to have up to three websites under your account. For more information, go to Within your Kajabi account, you may have one extra site.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Kajabi work with WordPress?

Fortunately, Kajabi is simple to connect with your current WordPress website. You may utilize Kajabi’s digital marketing features with WordPress or progressively move away from it with this connection. To get started with the integration, you’ll need a Kajabi account.

Is Kajabi good for blogging?

While nothing is perfect, I believe the Kajabi blogging platform is around 75% as good as a comprehensive blogging platform such as WordPress or Webflow.

Can you duplicate a page on Kajabi?

In Kajabi, cloning a page replicates it. The original page’s Theme, page settings, and content are duplicated on your cloned page.

Can you blog on Kajabi?

Blogging in Kajabi allows you to engage with your audience, demonstrate your reputation, and provide value to your website. Learn how to create a blog homepage.

Integrations between Squarespace and Kajabi No coding is needed to transmit data between Squarespace and Kajabi using Zapier. When a form is submitted, this event is triggered. Do it automatically!

Is Kajabi user friendly?

Although anybody may use Kajabi, it is built particularly for producing, selling, and promoting online courses.

Can Kajabi replace aweber?

Is Kajabi an alternative to Aweber? Yes. However, your results may vary. Kajabi offers marketing automation services that are intended to take the role of email marketing.

What is better than Kajabi?

Top 10 KajabiTalentLMS Alternatives Thinkific. LearnWorlds. Teachable. Gurucan. Networks of Might. Business Udemy LearnDash.

How do I leave Kajabi?

To terminate your Kajabi membership, go to the Dashboard’s Settings page. Choose Settings. From the Account Settings section, choose Billing. To go to Subscription, scroll down. Subscription cancellation:

How do I add a course to Kajabi?

Create a section for recommended courses. From the Dashboard, choose the Website tab. Choose Library from the drop-down menu of Website Pages. Then choose Customize. Select Recommended Courses from the sidebar. Add a Recommended Course button. Select the Offer you want to suggest from the Recommended Course menu.

What is the Kajabi app?

What is the Kajabi App all about? Both Apple and Android users may download the Kajabi mobile app for free. Your students and clients may access all of your courses, coaching, and website material with a single click. It’s the ideal feature for busy folks that need quick access to your content.

Is WordPress better than Kajabi?

If you want to start a successful digital product company and have everything you need in one location, Kajabi is the correct solution for you. If you have a set of marketing and sales tools that you truly adore and don’t mind gluing them all together, WordPress is a terrific alternative.

Do I need hosting for Kajabi?

Hosting, payment gateways, landing sites, and email marketing are all taken care of for you. It’s all done using Kajabi, a new course-building platform.

How do I embed Kajabi in WordPress?

Look for the control on the left side of the Kajabi dashboard. Go to Marketing and then to Forms. Create a new form and name it. Click embed to view the embed code, which you may copy and paste according to the instructions supplied by your theme.

Does Kajabi have good SEO?

Yes, Kajabi has a number of SEO-friendly tools and features. Making your site user-friendly and mobile-friendly are two important aspects of SEO. In SEO, the whole experience of your website is critical.

Can you monetize a Kajabi blog?

Kajabi’s podcasts Kajabi now allows you to host and monetize a podcast, and it’s accessible in all accounts, old and new. Kajabi podcasts may help you achieve your objectives, whether you want to create a free podcast to expand your audience or a premium podcast to monetize your following.

Can you duplicate a pipeline Kajabi?

Choose the Pipeline that you want to clone. By clicking next to your Pipeline Pages, you may clone each page in the Pipeline. Then, from the dropdown option, choose Clone.

How can I hide a section in Kajabi?

To change your Sections, go to: From the Dashboard, choose the Website tab. Navigate to the Pages tab. For your Page, open the page editor. Hover over the Section you want to alter in the sidebar editor. Then press the button. Select your chosen action from the dropdown menu (Rename, Duplicate, Hide, or Delete). To retain your modifications, click Save:

How do you clone a Website or landing page?

Copy the landing page by right-clicking it and selecting Copy. Open the copied landing pages using one of two methods: Double-click the fileConfigure the landing page settings:Name: Name the landing page. Choose a microsite and give it a vanity URL.

How do I change my blog category in Kajabi?

To add a Categories section to your blog’s sidebar, follow these steps: From your Dashboard, choose the Website tab. Navigate to the Pages tab. Next to Blog, click the Customize icon (). Select Blog Listing from the Sections menu. Check the Show Sidebar box in the Sidebar section. Start adding content to your Blog Sidebar by clicking Add Content.

Does Thinkific have a blog?

While we do not currently have a built-in blog option, if you need something basic, you may utilize our Custom Pages tool.

How do I embed a Kajabi form into squarespace?

Learn how to easily integrate Kajabi Forms on other websites (i.e., third-party website) Looking for the embed code Navigate to the Marketing tab. Choose your forms. Create a new Form or edit an existing one. From the top menu, choose the > Embed tab.

How does Kajabi make money?

Material producers may profit by selling content that benefits from their knowledge. Kajabi is a platform where over 50,000 digital entrepreneurs offer online courses, coaching packages, and memberships.

Which online platform is best?

2022’s Top 7 Online Learning Platforms Overall winner: Coursera. Udemy is best for niche topics. Skillshare is the best for creative fields. MasterClass is the best for celebrity lessons. EdX is the best for STEM. Udacity is the best for career development. Pluralsight is the best for data learning.

What is the difference between Kajabi and podia?

The key distinctions between Podia and Kajabi are that Podia is less costly and has less features, whilst Kajabi is more expensive and has more features. The Podia website is easy to use and has straightforward material, but the Kajabi website is more complicated and less user friendly.


Kajabi is a web-based application that allows users to create websites, blog posts, and more. It has been around for quite some time now and it’s still one of the best options for website creation. However, there are times where you may want to keep your website and use Kajabi as well. In this case, you can do so by using “teachable”. This tool will allow you to export your old website into a format that is compatible with Kajabi.

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