How To Find Out Who Owns A Website?

Finding the owner of a domain name Go to ICANN in your browser to get started. Now type the domain name you wish to look up into the search box. The search will start when you click “Lookup.” The domain registration date, registry expiry, owner’s name, and postal address are now provided to you.

Similarly, Are website owners public?

ICANN (and other registries not under ICANN’s control) requires anybody who owns a website, whether it be for a company, organization, or personal use, to give correct and complete contact information for their domain. This material must by law be made available to the public.

Also, it is asked, How do I find out who owns a private domain?

Open a web browser and go to The majority of domain names’ registered owners may be discovered using the free website

Secondly, Who owns a Web page?

There are many results if you search for WHOIS on Google, however is often shown first. When you go to, you may learn not only who the owner of a certain domain name is, but also when it was registered and, more significantly, when it will expire.

Also, Can I see who owns a domain?

Verify the WhoIs directory to see whether the domain name is listed there. Name, postal address, phone number, and email address are required information from every contact. The public may access this data since it is kept in the WhoIs directory. WhoIs at allows you to find out who the owner of a domain name is.

People also ask, Can a domain be traced?

Looking at previous data and hoping it’s the same owner is the only possible technique to determine who could be the owner of a domain name under privacy.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I find details of a website?

Find out who owns a domain or an IP address by searching the whois database, among many other things. With just one search, you may get all the information you want on a domain and everything connected to it. Find a domain name with the top online domain registrar. Visit to begin your domain search.

What is WHOIS lookup?

Whois, a frequently used Internet record listing, tells you who owns a domain and how to contact them. Domain name registration and ownership are governed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

How do I find the registrant of a domain name?

Visit and do a WHOIS search for your domain name to find your registrar. The name and website address of your registrar will be shown in the search results.

Can you own a website anonymously?

Use an anonymous hosting provider, such as Anonymous Speech, that enables registration under a pseudonym and without revealing a postal address. Use hosting and registration providers that accept pre-paid payment methods that aren’t linked to your identity (i.e. cash).

Is WHOIS illegal?

According to the agreements made by the ICANN organization, WHOIS may be used for any legitimate objectives other than marketing or spam, or for large volume, automated procedures to query registrar or registry systems, other than to administer domain names.

What is a reverse IP lookup?

The technique of asking the Domain Name System (DNS) to ascertain the domain name connected to an Internet Protocol (IP) address is known as reverse IP lookup, sometimes referred to as reverse DNS lookup. To put it simply, this program seeks up the IP address owners (the numerical label assigned to devices on a network).

Which browser is untraceable?

A browser called Tor

How do I host a website privately?

Here are some instructions for hosting your name or website: First, register a domain. 2. Create a website code. 3. Determine your IP address. 4. Direct your domain name to your computer’s IP address. 5. Determine if your ISP permits hosting. 6. Verify that your home computer can handle hosting. 7. Check the security of your PC.

How do I buy a domain and host anonymously?

You may take the following actions to protect your identity: To register the domain name, use Tor, but be aware of its constraints. Use a prepaid debit card to buy a domain name (Visa or Mastercard)

WHOIS hosting this domain?

Visit now. Enter your domain name in the search box, then click Lookup. Scroll down to Registrar Information on the results page. Your domain’s host is often the registrar.

Can I find the owner of an IP address?

You may query an IP address using the ARIN WHOIS lookup tool to see who the owner of the IP address is. The ARIN WHOIS search will provide the specifics of the Network, Organization, and Contact information, just as the domain WHOIS lookup does.

How do I find the identity of an IP address?

Without the assistance of law authorities, it is impossible to determine who is using a given IP address. There are services that can provide some details about an IP address, such as whois, reverse DNS, Geo-IP, and IP-sharing lookups.

What is the safest most private browser?

The following are the safest and most private browsers for 2021: The most private and safe browser is Brave (by default) Using Firefox (modified and tweaked for privacy) Google Chrome. Chrome browser was ungoogled. the chemical compound bromine (Android) Internet browser DuckDuckGo (iOS and Android)

Is DuckDuckGo anonymous?

In accordance with our stringent privacy policy, DuckDuckGo searches are entirely anonymous. Your search history on DuckDuckGo is always empty, as if you’ve never used it before. We don’t save anything that might link your searches to specific information about you.

How do I browse secretly?

A keyboard shortcut may also be used to launch an Incognito window: Linux, Windows, or Chrome OS Input Ctrl, Shift, and n. Mac: Tap Command + Shift + n.

Is it cheaper to host your own website?

You may check to see if any of the hosts would take any of your home or hobby sites as they are often less expensive to host than company sites.

Is hosting a website free?

You may host your website on a variety of platforms for free as long as you like; all you need to do is choose the best one for your website. Let’s take a little introduction to web hosting before continuing. Web hosting is a service that gives your website server space for storage.

What is the cost of hosting a website?

Each form of web hosting has a distinct average price; shared hosting is the most economical at between $69 and $279 per month. However, dedicated web hosting may run as much as $400 per month.

How do I permanently buy a domain?

A domain name purchase is not permanent. The registration of domain names takes place annually. To ensure that you will have a domain name for 10 years, you may pre-pay for up to 10 years.

Can I purchase my own domain?

Any anyone may purchase a domain name. To accomplish this, simply enter the domain you want to purchase and make a payment at a domain name registrar like A2, GoDaddy, or Namecheap. Of course, you can’t simply purchase any domain; you have to make sure it’s unregistered and has a legitimate domain suffix.

What is Domainsbyproxy?

Bob Parsons, the creator of GoDaddy, is the owner of the internet business Domains by Proxy (DBP). Through affiliated domain registrars like GoDaddy and Wild West Domains, Domains by Proxy provides domain privacy services.

How do you find the origin of a website?

Visit and type the URL you’re interested in using to get started. To view how the website looked at that time, choose the precise year, day, and month. It costs nothing to use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

How do I find the server of a website?

Search for WHOIS information using a website like Do a domain name search. Search through your findings until you come upon the Name Server details. You will learn who hosts your DNS from this. Great! Now that you know where to go, you may update your DNS!

How do I find the server location of a website?

How Can I Locate the Server for My Website? Command Prompt should be opened. In the Command Prompt, enter “Tracert” and the website address. The IP Address is located next to the Website’s URL. In the search bar, paste the IP address. On the information page, locate the location of the country.

Can you track someone by their IP address?

You may trace an IP address near to someone’s precise location using a practical internet application called IP Geolocation Lookup. Finding someone’s IP address’s actual location is possible, depending on a number of variables.


The “icann whois” is a tool that allows users to find out who owns a website. The tool was created by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN.

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The “whois ip” is a tool that allows users to find out who owns a website. It can be used on any domain name, but it’s most commonly used for websites owned by organizations. The “whois ip” tool is also available through the command-line interface.

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